8 Breathtaking Spring Wedding Ideas

If you and your loved one have decided upon a Spring wedding, it is time to start planning for your perfect day.

We know how hard it can be to come up with the right idea while coordinating all the ins and outs of a wedding, so we have including seven gorgeous Spring wedding ideas to get you started. Get your pen ready to make note of these genius ideas.

Fun and Lighthearted Invitations

Certain wedding themes such as flowers or woods can work for any season that you want when you adjust the color palette. If you have decided to go with a Spring wedding, you could choose to highlight gently budding colors to emphasize the beginning of your life together or showcase the sunny days ahead with a bright and vibrant blend of colors.

Practical Locations

Spring is the perfect time to get married because the sun is usually out while the weather is still mild. Make sure that you choose a practical location that has mild enough weather so that you can showcase the wedding party without worrying about wilting or damp clothes.

Pastel Toned Wedding Cakes

Spring is a time for the revitalization of life and your wedding cake should reflect that. Choosing a floral or pastel shade for your wedding cake will set off the season with its gorgeous tones and leaves lots of room for creativity.

You can choose to decorate your cake with actual flowers, pearls, or birds without any worry about colors clashing.

Fancy Linens

Your wedding venue will most likely have “house” linens you can use, but if you want your big day to be a little fancier, you can rent table runners and other nice linens to fit your style.

Playful Touches and Details

The best types of Spring wedding ideas are those that bring a touch of whimsy and fun to the entire ceremony. Discard the formality of weddings past and throw in lollipops or candy machines while handing out pinwheels and bubbles for the guests.

Create a creative corner table that is great for kids and adults and save the drawings for years to come. Spring weddings are the perfect time to draw out the child in you.

Delicate Greenery
Now that Spring is showing its face you can choose from a variety of delicate baby green arrangements. Green arrangements have been growing in popularity in the last decade as well, which will increase the options available to you.

Choose delicate greens to hang at your wedding to transform a blank space into a lush spring paradise for your wedding.

Spring Flowers
To complement the beautiful greenery that you have chosen, opt in for some spring flowers such as tulips. Tulips are often the first flower to pop their head up in Spring and come is a huge variety of colors that are sure to make your wedding pop!

Seed Favors
Spring weddings are a time of new beginnings for your family and for your guests. Choosing to gift them with seed packets as a wedding favor gives them an opportunity to begin new life alongside your growing family.

Choose beautiful flowers that will peek their heads up every year or offer all of your guests the seed of a small tree to remember your event by.

No matter what you choose for your Spring wedding, remember that it is your day. Take the time to find the perfect choices that make you feel as though you are walking through paradise!