A Complete Guide To The Western Boots For Men: Cowboy Boot Primer

Western style riding boot is between the pop culture, functional clothing, and the folk art. You should try these boots, at least once. You don’t need to be a cowboy to appreciate and wear Western boots. Although, most people prefer them during rodeo and dancing or you can add them with your daily clothing too.

You should look for Ariat Heritage Stockman boots, which are hardworking, good looking as well as considered to be the top cowboy boot. It can provide you the comfort and the required stability. Its outsole can provide the maximum flexibility and resistance.

Benefits of the Western Boots

Most of the men find it difficult to notice the point of fancy Western boot. They usually think them to be expensive items. However, if you grew up around other men who generally wore them with their daily clothing, you would see them more as a costume or novelty pieces than being stylish.

  • The Unique shape

You can find the cowboy shoes in different shapes. They do not necessarily have to be wickedly thin from the toe but are available in distinct taper, too. It was designed to make the process of sliding the stirrups in and out more easily. Moreover, it would give your feet the required active dynamic shape.

  • Boosts height

Cowboy shoes are generally loved by short men because it can help them to enhance their height. The heels of these boots can add height of around half an inch to two inch. Taller men, usually prefer a lower-slung ‘walking heel style. While the shorter men can add just one inch or can wear the full inch “cowboy heels”, too.

  • Added style

A cowboy boot would add up to your style statement. The boots are available for every style that you can ever imagine. The boots beneath your trousers can feature every part of your clothing. If you want to opt for memorable footwear, you definitely need to look for cowboy boots.

  • The uniqueness

The cowboy boot is a rare thing. It is unlikely, that you would find another guy wearing the Western boots in the same area. It would give people something to remember about you.

  • Fun

It is a reality. We all want to be a cowboy, once in our lifetime. These boots have come a long way from depicting the manhood. It would be fun to be part of it.

What you should wear with Cowboy Boots?

You should choose a Western-themed outfit with your cowboy shoes. If you are planning to wear cowboy shoes, you need to wear them along with a jacket and sleek belt instead of a bolo tie and cowboy shirt. You should make your own calculated fashion statement instead of dressing up in same costume like everyone.


You would definitely feel strange, if you are trying the cowboy shoes for the first time, especially for the regular shoe-dress and the sneakers man. However, you would quickly realize that elegant shape of tapered toe and the assertive sound of heels are actually amazing. Let the cowboy boots talk but remember to keep your outfit strong and simple.