Awesome Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Pet Waste Stations throughout the Year

After successfully installing pet waste stations, it is now time to take care of and manage it properly. The stations have already been well received and used by the residents as well as people around you regularly and now you notice very less dog wastes around the community paths and in other common areas, isn’t it?

The major factor to make sure that the pet waste management plan becomes successful is to plan a regular service schedule for emptying, maintaining, as well as restocking the pet waste stations. Here are some simple guidelines that will make sure that your pet waste stations continue to remain properly used assets throughout the year.

Ensure Regular Service

Make sure to service the dog stations at regular intervals. In many cases, the pet stations may need to be serviced weekly or may be twice a week depending on the use of the station.

In case of stations that are used heavily, it may even be required to service them frequently. In some specific months, you may require to get it serviced with high frequency.

Maintenance checks at regular intervals

The pet waste station must not become a safety hazard and its proper working condition must be ensured. If you notice any of the broken parts on station, you should immediately consider its replacement.

To make sure that all the stations remain in good working conditions, setting up pet waste station maintenance schedule and following it can be indeed a great idea. Some of the basic maintenance include hosing down, tightening the bolts, deodorizing waste bins, lubricating the locks, checking litter bag dispenser, etc.

Make sure to keep the dispensers fully stocked

Keeping the dispensers fully stocked at all the times with the litter bags is very essential. After all, how can pet waste stations work at its best if they run out of the litter bags?

Pet owners generally assume the waste stations to be properly stocked and that’s the reason they rely greatly on them. So, if the station happens to be out of bags then they won’t only become frustrated, but would also stop relying as well as using the pet stations.

Make use of heavy duty Liners

Line pet waste bins with heavy duty garbage bag or liner. You must avoid cheap plastic liners in order to line pet waste receptacles since they can leak or tear when pulling full and heavy liners out of pet waste stations. Moreover, make sure that all of the stations have lid. It ensures that the pet waste stations don’t get filled up with water.

Moreover, such accumulated rainwater can invite insects and other harmful bacteria. It can smell very bad too. An ideal and best station is the one that keeps the animals and rainwater out, while allowing only the pet waste.

To conclude, proper maintenance and service of your pet stations is very crucial to ensure that they continue to be used and become a success. So, make sure to follow the above tips to keep your pet stations in their best conditions.