Claiming Dog Bite Injury Reimbursement – How Will the Case Be Settled?

During olden days, if someone suffered from dog bite, then the victim’s complete care will be taken by the family of the dog owner. As new laws are introduced in today’s world, a separate law has also been added to the type of legal steps penned down in the book of Laws of the State.

While settling the dog bite case, the solicitors usually consider two main factors.

  • What the victim will be obtaining, when jury finalizes the settlement.
  • If the defendant, also known as the owner of the dog, has a chance of winning in the case.

Usually, the case is decided based on whether the above mentioned factors are considered or if the case might become unsettled because of some issues.

  • Defendant Might lose the Case

Even though the dog-bite case is filed quite late, meaning the victim took their time to heal completely and then filed the case, the defendant might lose their upper hand, if they are actually guilty. There are some circumstances such as law of the state, dog-bite statue, actual description of the case, etc, which can become lethal to the defendant’s side.

Not all states have strict law stating that the dog owner and the dog will be punished, by looking through the severity of dog bites on the victim’s physique or property. The owner can escape the possible charges that will be filed against them, even if they or their dog is guilty, if there are no strict rules in the law book of that particular state regarding dog-bite cases.

Sometimes, the state may not have any strict laws for dog-bite cases, but the victim somehow proves that the dog is guilty. In such circumstances, the court will decide the case by declaring that the defendant should take care of the financial related issues that follow the case. It will include property remodeling, medical bills of the victim, rehab bills, etc.

  • Plaintiff Might Lose the Case

Even though the defendant is liable, there are chances that the victim might lose their upper hand in the dog-bite case, including the overall reimbursement that they might obtain from the defendant. When the case is filed, the jury will decide the overall amount that the defendant has to pay to the victim and whether the dog must be sent to animal prison or not, based on the severity of the wound inflicted on victim, and also the level of property damage.

  • Impact of Injury on Plaintiff

Some dog-bite wounds will not be life threatening, since the teeth would have just pierced through the skin of the victim. Sometimes the wound will be severe enough to damage not only the body part, but also the lifestyle of the victim. During such cases, the jury will decide the hearing based on the idea of “loss of life’s quality” section.

Some Other Factors

There are some other factors that might or might not affect the decision of juries in a dog-bite case. They are,

  • Locality where the case is filed.
  • Information obtained by the neighbors regarding dog’s behavior.

Dog-bite case has become quite common these days. There are many lawyers, who have chosen to be dog-bite lawyers so as to represent the victims and get them justice. If you are looking for one, then visiting webpage will be the right choice.