Drain Line Stoppages and Repair – Some of the Warning Signs

Drain line stoppages are very inconvenient and gross for any home owner. Drain line stoppages are very common. It happens when things like hair or grease build up in your pipes which are connected to the shower drains or sinks in your kitchen. It eventually reaches a point where the blockage becomes so severe that the water stops filtering and causes stoppage.

Sometimes the drain water can come up to your sink. Standing water in your kitchen sink or bathroom is very unhygienic and can eventually lead to mold formation and many other serious issues, which are very costly to fix if ignored.

It is important to look for the basic warning signs so that you can get it fixed as soon as possible. Some of the warning signs are mentioned below for your knowledge:-

  • Backing up of water –

The most basic sign that your toilet or drain is blogged is when you see the water backing up to the sink or toilet or when you hear a gurgling sound from the drain. As soon as you observe these signs it is very important to call up a professional to fix these problems.

Most home owners think that these signs are just starting signals and they have some time to get it fixed. This might not be the case in every situation. It is better to contact a professional and get your problem fixed before you see your house sinking in drain water.

  • Tree roots –

Tree roots can cause major blockage in sewer lines especially in older houses. In newer homes it can be caused by using thicker toilet papers, paper towel and female hygiene products. If you have an old construction house and have a huge tree beside your house, it is best to keep a regular check to your sewer drain lines.

Roots can clog the drains and also crack the pipes. If the major pipe line gets damaged it can cause many problems. If you observe slow flowing drains or hear gurgling sounds from your toilet then you must get your drain pipes checked and fixed as soon as possible.

  • Releasing the pressure –

If you find out that you have a clog in your home and you believe that it is caused by the sewer drain blockage then the first thing to do is shutting down the main water source. If you have access to the sewer cleanout line, you can release the pressure by removing the rubber cap on the white pipe. This will help to send the water outside the house, rather than backup inside the house.

The best solution is to get regular checkup of your pipe lines in every 3 – 6 months. Regular checkup will help you to detect any possible defects or problems in your pipelines and solve them before they create problems. It is very important to seek help from a professional plumber for any kind of a plumbing job. For any more information please log on to plumbingplus.net/poway-california-drain-cleaning.