Few Important Questions about Importance and Usage of Lighting Answered

When it comes to security on a street, people go overboard with lighting. Most of the people believe that lighting the areas like park, street, plaza or any other public space with too much of lighting will be helpful and secure. As a matter of fact too much lighting is as harmful as too little lighting in any area.

The most important thing to create a successful and perfect plan for security in a street depends on many factors like location, design element, security required in the area etc.

First we will start with the importance of lighting.

  • Geographic orientation –

Well lit focal points are used as landmarks. People use these places like tower, buildings, fountains, sculptures etc. to find their way to destination.

  • Safety –

Most commonly lighting gives out a sense of security to general public. Lighting in the street, parking lot LED, bus stops etc are considered safe if they are well lit.

  • History of an area –

Any historic area can attract serious attention with proper lighting. Lighting a historical building, place or area projects its importance to the general public.

Lighting is not just used for social purposes, they are used for many other reasons. Some of the uses of proper lighting are mentioned below for your benefit:-

  • Entrances –

Evening lighting is used very carefully near the building entrances. Residential building doorways require much more security and directional lighting in the particular area. Undistributed bright lighting does not help in security of the residential buildings.

  • Landscaping –

Bee lights have become very popular in the recent years. Trees are lit with small white lights which not only make the pathways more attractive but also bring out a positive attraction from the people travelling by the roads.

  • Transit stops –

As mentioned earlier, people feel more secure in any public space when it is well lit. Places like train, bus and trolley stations gain attention with proper lighting and people are encouraged to use these services as they feel safe.

  • Retail displays –

Lighting retail shops helps to showcase your products even when the shop is closed. Window shoppers notice your lit display and take notice. In addition to this retail shop lighting also help in providing lighting on the street.

  • Architectural details-

Lighting of the specific areas of a building, district or a place like the columns, cornices, entrances, archways attracts attentions from the general public. Basically it creates a dramatic view to the people who walk by the place at night.

  • Traffic control –

Traffic lights have already been doing its job from many decades but a highly illuminated highway or a pedestrian lit street signals the designated driver that they are in a different zone or they have to slow down and drive carefully.

  • Signage –

Maps are placed with information signage and direction with proper lighting. People driving at night get the advantage of the well lit map.

Lighting differs from place to place. It is important to place accurate lighting for specific areas.