Handling Post-accident Car Scenario – How to Get the Car Fixed

Potential injury, shock and damage to vehicle are something, which comes with a collision. With the increasing number of car accidents, you can never be hundred percent sure about your safety. However, if you are well prepared for such scenario, you can do a lot better in actual situation. Often the damage is increased because of the panic that follows an accident. Here are some tips that you can follow to make sure you and your car are saved.

Inform police

A call to police should be the first thing that you should do if you’ve met an accident. Especially in case when someone is hurt or a public property is damaged. If you are in condition to think make sure the second thing you do is write down the cars number before the second driver escapes from the situation.

Take pictures if possible

Taking the pictures of accident will not only help police solve the case, but will also help you in claiming the insurance for your car. As soon as you are done with the pictures make sure you inform your insurance company and ask for the coverage.

Get an estimate

As soon as you inform your insurance providers, they will tow your car to the registered auto repair shop and get it examined to form a strategy of repair and total amount is calculated.

The repair checklist is made

The auto repair company such as Kings Body Shop will make a repair checklist for your car. This checklist will not only cover external damages, but will also insure that any potential internal damage is also covered. All the plastic and metallic parts will be checked. Moreover, the age of car will also be determined to distinguish new damages from the old ones.

Choose the best repair shop

It is necessary that you choose the best repair shop for better functioning of your car. A good repair shop can make your car work just as good as new one. Start with jotting down the number of repair shops in your locality. You can also go online to check their reviews. Also make sure while selecting a repair shop they should have some experience in your model of car.

As soon as you shortlist the name of shop you think are good, visit them physically and ask them about the quotation. You need to make sure that the price they are offering is within the insurance coverage. Do not finalize without comparing different shop both for price and experience in the relevant car.

Know who was at fault

If the other driver was at fault you can get the insurance paid by them. Either the at-fault driver will pay back your insurance company or the whole cost of your maintenance can be covered by him. This can be frustrating process, but with a little patience and legal work you can save a lot of money and trouble.


With this simple guide, you can make sure you are ready for such situation.