How to Avoid Pimples After the Brazilian Wax

No one enjoys having pimples on his or her face. It can even be worse if the pimples are down there. There are various factors that can lead to pimples. Pimples lead into the natural oils of the skin clogging under the surface of the infected areas. You can get pimples whether you wax or not but waxing tends to irritate your skin most of the time and lead into pimples. This article will help you to learn how to avoid pimple breakouts after receiving a waxing treatment.

The first tip is to keep the waxed area clean. Most waxing professionals will advice you to exfoliate the skin before you go for the appointment. Removing the dead cells before receiving the treatment will ease the waxing process and you will eliminate the risk of having these dead cells on the skin surface after removing the unwanted hair. Exfoliation will also remove any excess oils that can result into clogging and hence pimples. The other tip is to directly follow the wax. You can use the available antiseptics to stay clean and keep all the bacteria at bay. Leading waxing services like Brazilian wax Denver can advise you on the best products to use after waxing. Use a clean square or cotton ball to make the application and don’t use your oily fingers.

Exfoliate the skin again two to three days after the waxing treatment as long as there are no signs of soring or redness. You can repeat the exercise approximately two to three times every week. Cleaners that have alpha hydroxyl acid such as glycolic acid tend to be the best. This is a natural exfoliate that is available in sugarcane. You can also try acne medicated soaps or pads for day to day cleansing. The other tip is to apply wax on the skin immediately after waxing. This will help in closing the pores and minimizing infections. However, its wise to begin by wetting the area as you don’t want to allow the wax to stick on the skin. Its also wise to avoid the use of moisturizers or creams as they tend to clog the open pores. The only exemption that you could be having is tea-tree oil as it is a natural antiseptic.

At this moment, you skin is highly sensitive to any form of friction. Therefore, avoid wearing tight clothes as they will rub on the surface o the skin and these irritations can lead to breakouts. Choose to wear synthetic material to give the waxed area enough breathing space. Do not exercise for one or two days after the waxing because salty sweat has bacteria. In case you sweat, be keen to clean the area soonest. You can begin to exercise once the area dries up well.

You also need to take a bath or use a sauna. Hot water has the ability to open those pores that are already stressed and introduce bacteria or dirt. Reduce the shower heat and follow it up with an antiseptic and ice. Also, avoid deodorants and perfumes for at least a day or two. You also need to keep away those dirty fingers or nails. All these tips will make sure that you don’t get any pimples after your Brazilian wax.