Increase Your Faith In God With These Ways And Be Ready To Witness Miracles In Life!

Faith is one of the key teachings of the Scripture. In fact, the Christians are told that without having faith, it is nearly impossible to please God. So what real faith is? Well, it can be considered to be an illogical belief in the occurrence of improbable.

One of the dictionary definitions even states that Faith is a firm belief or trust in something that has no proof. There is a power in faith that can make even the most impossible thing possible. So, how can you make miracles happen in your life too? How can you increase your faith? Increase your reliance on God with the following effective pointers suggested by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Hear God’s word

Faith comes by hearing the word of God. Imagine if no one had ever told you about Jesus or about God’s plan for your life, it might be possible that you have likely never read about him. You would then be clueless about the actual need for faith. In fact, reading and hearing God’s word can be considered just like planting a garden.

If you want to build a garden or let it grow, you should first plant seeds or the actual flower or plant. Similarly, God’s word is seed that grows faith. It is crucial to know God’s promises, what he plans about you and your life, as well as about Jesus’ plan for the eternal life. Make sure to be familiar with Bible and know what faith is all about. You can do it by meditating on the contents of Bible. This will really give you a strong basis for increasing your faith.

Pay careful attention to the words of God

The second way to increase faith as suggested by Chris Oyakhilome is to be the doers of the God’s words and not just the hearers. If anyone is a hearer and not a doer, he is just like a man examining his own face in a mirror, goes away, and forgets immediately what type of man he actually was!

If we don’t heed to what we are reading and just ignore what God is trying to tell us, it is possible that our faith may grow stagnant. It took faith for us to become the children of God in first place. Therefore, to grow and increase our faith, we require using measure of faith that God gives to everyone and eventually build on it.

Test the words

The actual process of testing the measure of faith that you have may involve many trials as well as difficulties. Whenever you face any kind of trial, consider it to be pure joy since you know that testing your faith produces perseverance. Join Christ embassy and let your faith increase with every breath!

A true Christian will live by his faith in God. True or real faith in him will gradually make you realize and understand God’s plan of salvation for the mankind. It will help you understand the true purpose of our life. Faith is not only important to God, but it is equally crucial in our physical life just like for eternal life.