Few Informative Lines On Types Of Orthotics That Can Benefit You

To opt for the right kind of orthotics for your foot is quite essential. Normally this kind of shoes or sandals is worn to provide added comfort, balance and support to feet. As every foot is different, you need to match the type of orthotics that is best suitable for your feet to move flexibly and freely.

How to know the best suitable type of orthotics for your feet:

  • Try to know your feet size and foot arch. You can visit your nearby podiatrist to help in buying customized orthotics. The 3D image of your foot will be taken with the aid of 3D laser scan.
  • Consider the reasons to wear special kind of footwear – whether you want it for providing comfort, cushioning, support or balance for your feet. Some orthotics provide two beneficial qualities and some are designed to provide one benefit. Thus, search for the kind of footwear providing the required benefits.

Most prominent types of orthotics:

  • Depending upon the insole size: The most popular one is the full-length orthotics for men and women. It is comfortable to walk and for sport activities. Mostly inserted in shoes having full length removal lining. The full size helps in preventing sliding of insole inside the shoes. Even extra padding could be added for more comfort and support. The next is the half length orthotics. In this type, the top cover ends in the middle, in the shell which provides support. Generally, this is used in shoes where there is less space in the toe part.
  • Shape of the insole: Most commonly used ones are slim line insole, especially used in sandals, sports footwear and casual wearing shoes. Ultra slim shaped orthotics are for heel footwear and open sandals which are quite flat at the base. It has adhesive to be fitted as extra pad for support in any shoes.
  • For foot movements: There are specially designed insoles for providing flexibility to move freely for golf players and people preferring to walk briskly for long hours. They provide more comfort to the lower limb of foot and absorb any strength of shock to provide full support to its wearer.
  • Orthotics for children footwear: Presently, the most popular in demand insole designed especially for children. As kids are more involved in physical activities, they need shoes that provides all the flexibility, mobility, support, balance and cushioning for their small soft feet. They can choose from multiple range of patterns available in varied bright colors.

The materials used for making orthotics are thoughtfully chosen to provide cushioning, support, flexibility and balance to the wearer feet. The materials essentially used are memory foam, cork, leather, rubber and other soft materials. Foam is mostly used for customizing the footwear of elderly people and arthritis patients. For support leather is used in the shell of insole. Cork made insole gives best balance for people feeling uneasy to walk. Normally ladies prefer to buy open sandals which you can put orthotics in as per the color matching your dress.