Injury Types That Make You Eligible To Get Workers Compensation Benefits

Workers compensation benefits are basically aimed at providing the benefit system for employees and workers, who get injured or fall ill while performing their jobs. It can even be claimed by the family members of the employee, if the person dies at the workplace.

In this article, we shall address the question, what types of injuries are covered by worker’s compensation?

You will like knowing the fact that most of the work-related injuries can be covered with workers compensation insurance, except for a few little exceptions.


You are eligible for claiming compensation if you get injured or fall ill while doing the traveling job for you company. It could be anything like going on sales call, offsite client meetings, running errands for your boss, etc. However, you will not get compensated if you are traveling to and from the office, or if you get injured while traveling for personal reasons after your working hours.

Company events:

You become eligible for claiming compensation if you get injured during some company event, and it does not matter if it happens onsite or offsite. You can even make the claim if you get injured while playing some sport like football for your company.

Substance or alcohol abuse:

If you become eligible for getting the insurance cover, but it is substantiated that you were under the influence of alcohol, or intoxicated with some drugs, then you might not get covered for getting the reimbursements.

It does not mean that you will not get the benefits if you were just intoxicated, but if it is proved that the injury was mainly caused due to it, then you will definitely stand to lose. Also the type of drug that you used will be scrutinized before giving the judgment.
Injury caused due to repetitive motions or cumulative stress:

Typically repeated motion injuries, cumulative trauma disorders, and repetitive stress injuries were not covered under workers compensation, but they are covered to a certain extent these days.

These types of injuries to neck, wrists, shoulders, knees, etc can be rehabilitated with exercises and medical help. However, prolonged injuries can cause serious health disorders. You might want to discuss about it with a lawyer to check if it applies to the state where you live.
Injuries related to stress at workplace:

Some illnesses can be caused gradually due to the accumulation of stress at the workplaces. Stress can give rise to serious health disorders, ranging form digestive disorders to heart problems, and even cancer.

Unfortunately only a few states in the US cover such injuries and illnesses. However, if it is proved that the disability is caused due to work, then the employer will have to provide some provisions to accommodate you at the work place. It could be something like reducing your working hours, giving you a different job role, etc.

Contact  a workers compensation lawyer:

There are some rules and terms related to filing claims, and they also come with deadlines. Therefore it would be better if you hire the services of a dependable lawyer to help you with paperwork. They will represent you more efficiently, and even negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get the best deal.