Interesting Facts About Sterling Silver Jewelry That Will Really Make You Love It More!

Sterling silver jewelry can be your best bet if you are looking for an affordable alternative to precious white metal. In fact, it is a boon to people who love white valuable metals including titanium, platinum, and gold. It helps you to get similar looks at just fraction of cost.

The jewelry you wear should best reflect your personality and style and nothing beats the awesomeness of sterling silver jewelry. Well, you really need to know some stunning facts about this jewelry that will make you love it even more!

Colorful stones

Cubic zirconia is the most famous simulated diamond across the world. It is very much affordable and you will be amazed to see that even the naked eye won’t be able to distinguish between simulation and real thing. Some of the most popular colors of CZ are pink, yellow, black, champagne, green, chocolate, and red. It is in fact best metal to combine with colorful CZ stones for elegant looks at affordable price tag!

Practical option

The affordability of sterling silver makes it just the best. An elegant and classic look can easily be achieved at just fraction of cost of platinum or gold. It is especially very much practical when you want to travel along with different kinds of jewelry on the trip. You won’t have to worry about valuable jewelry being stolen or lost.

Ideal backdrop

Sterling silver makes ideal for the Cubic Zirconia stones. Sterling silver is white metal so it complements CZ stones in a perfect way. Unlike the real diamonds, you won’t have to worry about cloudiness or imperfections with the CZ stones. This amazing quality works pretty well with bright white tone of the sterling silver.

So now you know what awesome benefits sterling silver jewelry can offer you, isn’t it? However, it becomes quite important to get genuine sterling silver jewelry and be wary from fake one. The following section will help you in it.

Spotting fake sterling silver jewelry smartly!

  • Purity level

Pure silver is too soft to be used for any kind of long lasting jewelry. So, it is usually mixed with the alloys to help it harden and make it durable. The purity level is generally indicated by “.925” engraving on jewelry piece. So, make sure to check out for this stamp on back of clasps, silver pendants, as well as inside of rings.

  • Hallmark stamp

Real silver must have an engraving or small stamp like gold. This stamp can contain information about date of manufacturing and silversmith. When a stamp reads EPNS, it signifies “Electro Plated Nickel Silver”. It means that it is real sterling silver.

  • Nitric acid test

Another interesting way to spot the fake sterling silver jewelry is for testing it in the nitric acid. It can easily be done by local jewelry shop. However, it can even be done at your home.

The best way to ensure that you are buying only real silver jewelry is to buy from reputable and reliable online store like Connexion Republic. You can choose from a wide range of designs and styles that can best blend to your style!