Know Whether Alcohol Detox Will Help Eliminate Addiction to Drinks


Alcohol detoxification is the best possible solution to let go of drinking excessive alcohol from your life. If you show signs of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, then it will be beneficial to adapt ways to stay away from alcohol. The symptoms lead a person drink regularly in high quantity, which causes adverse effects on the person’s general health.

To find effective beneficial means to reduce withdrawal symptoms is quite essential for those with alcohol addiction. Detox is one such method highly adapted by the rehab centres.

What is detoxification?

It involves taking certain medicines prescribed by the medical professionals specialised in reducing alcohol addiction and its withdrawal symptoms. The commonly prescribed medicines contain chlordiazepoxide and benzodiazepine in large proportions. Sometimes lorazepam and olanzapine is prescribed if the addiction doesn’t show adverse effects.

What does the plan of detoxification involves?

  • A medical physician prescribes high doses of the required med for the first few days to totally stop drinking alcohol.
  • In the second week, the dosage level is considerably reduced as withdrawal symptoms will be less.
  • During the treatment period, the addicted person is often checked whether he/she is consuming alcohol.
  • Constantly the person will be watched by family members, friends and associates to prevent the person from drinking alcohol.

While taking the medications, the patients feel differently. Few may not experience any ill effects on their general health. However, some may be depressed. Others may experience the symptoms of insomnia and are restless the whole day.

To stop totally the consumption of alcohol only detoxification won’t be helpful as the person needs motivation and determination to follow the therapy properly. Thus, other coping strategies are adapted like attending seminars and community meetings arranged by well reputed rehab centres.

Many consumers are doubtful to use the detox method as they aren’t effective and pave way to endure other health issues. Many consumers having excessive alcohol for longer period of time find this therapy to be the best mode to eradicate the habit of drinking.

Stopping drinks suddenly without any aid to prevent the after effects of withdrawal, the person is sure to fall ill and feel excessive urge to drink alcohol. This can be easily avoided by following the instructions of your doctor.

To keep the patient healthy, during the detox therapy doctors prescribe vitamin tablets along with detox medicines to maintain the mental and physical state of the patient. Moreover, people consuming alcohol in excessive quantity lack vitamins gravely leading to malfunctioning of brain receptors.

The relapse phase can be avoided by taking meds like Acamprosate, Baclofen and Disulfiram. The doses of the medication will help you to stay away from alcohol for several months.

Counselling is a great help when you prefer to stay away from alcohol. People who want to stay away from alcohol in future will find great solace in participating in group discussion with people, who have successfully stopped the addiction. Generally, these kinds of sessions are conducted by well reputed Adams County detox center for their patients to lead a normal healthy life.