Latex Foam Mattress – The Eco Friendly Option To Give You A Comfortable Sleep

After a days’ hard work, a good night’s sleep is what we all desire. For a sound sleep, a good mattress is essential. An inappropriate mattress can cause sleep issues.

For most people, buying a mattress is not an easy choice. Comfort, durability and value for money are few factors that are considered before making the purchase. Latex mattresses have now become the preferred choice of most people. People seeking to replace their old mattresses can evaluate latex foam mattresses options on websites like, which provide full information regarding them.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are made of natural latex foam, which is processed from rubber trees found predominantly in South America. It is for this reason that latex mattresses, due to their organic components, are considered the healthiest mattresses.

Latex foam mattresses can be of the following types:

  • Natural latexThis is processed tree sap.
  • Blended latex
  • Synthetic latex

Process to make foam for latex mattresses

The foam for latex mattresses can be made in the following ways:

  1. Talalay process – This process combines air with synthetic materials, resulting in softer foam. During the process, latex, rubber curing agents and soaps are mixed in a stainless steel tank to give the latex foam.
  2. Dunlop process – This process makes the mattress firmer.

Benefits of natural latex mattresses

Latex foam mattresses offer innumerable benefits. Few of them are:

  • Durableness

Latex mattresses are highly durable and may last up to 15 years. Most latex mattress manufactures provide warranties on their products.

  • Comfort

The latex foam used in the mattresses contours and adjusts according to the curves of the body. The foam also adjusts according to the body movements while sleeping, thus providing orthopedic support. The contouring effect helps in spreading the weight of the body over a larger surface, thus preventing the formation of pressure points. This ensures a comfortable sleep.

Latex foam also minimizes the motion transfer caused by shifting or movements by partners. When two people sleep on the same mattress, latex foam does not transfer the motion of one partner to the other. This gives a sound and comfortable sleep.

  • Non toxic and odor free

Latex mattresses, being made from natural materials are free from toxins, and hence are odor free. Being made from organic materials, the mattresses are foam retardant and do not require chemicals for the effect.

Other benefits

Being made from latex, which is resistant to germs like bacteria, mites and molds, the mattresses are also resistant to them and hence perfect for people who may be allergic to such micro organisms.

Another advantage of latex foam is that it has an open cell structure, which allows it to breathe. The feature enables the release of heat and moisture from the body, thereby keeping the mattress surface comfortable.

We are living in an era when eco friendly products certainly rule the markets. We can contribute to the cause by considering the latex foam mattresses which have so much to offer.