The Perfect Gift Box for Mom

What if you could give someone special, or even yourself, a gift that keeps giving all year long? A subscription to the Mom Gift Box is a great way to do just that. Gift subscriptions for mom will contain hand-picked items that are delivered to your home every month. Whether shopping for yourself or another mom in your life, a subscription box is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face.

Curated by Jennie Garth

Your gift subscriptions for mom will be curated by television personality and movie star Jennie Garth. You may know Jennie from her time on Beverly Hills 90210.

Jennie selects the items and oversees each box’s contents. Her expertise gives the Mom Gift Box a personal touch and ensures that each box contains something special.

What Items Are in the Box?

Although the subscription box’s contents change every month, they always include various high-quality and delightful treasures. Some items are sized for sampling while others are full-sized.

These items can include candles, home décor items, books, accessories, edible treats, skin and bath products, perfumes, cosmetics and much more. You never know what your box contains until you open it!

One-Time or Monthly Subscription Options

If you’re searching for the perfect gift, a monthly subscription box could be what you’re looking for. The items in each monthly box are hand-selected for their uniqueness and quality, and often expose the recipient to new brands and products they’ve never heard of. You might just find your new favorite product in your monthly subscription box.

If you would prefer to gift a one-time-only subscription box, that is an option as well. Gift subscriptions for mom are available in month-to-month or one-time-only payment options.

Quick Turnaround

Another benefit of subscribing is the quick turnaround: The first subscription box will be delivered a week after the order is placed. Subsequent boxes are shipped monthly in the middle of the month.

Giving Back to the Community

It is important to give back to charity, and with each subscription box purchased, you can choose which charity you’d like to benefit. Choose from a charity that benefits shelter animals, childhood cancer patients or music education efforts.

The Mom Gift Box is a lovely way of pampering a special mother in your life. Subscribing to a gift box can be something to look forward to each month, and a subscription makes a wonderful gift. Treat yourself to a surprise every month by subscribing today.