How to Prepare for a Body Waxing Treatment

Waxing is one of the most popular treatments that you can use to keep your skin hairless and smooth for several weeks. Like any other treatment in the beauty industry, you need to prepare well prior to the waxing session. It does not matter whether you will be waxing a small surface such as the upper lips and eyebrows or you are working on a large area like the chest, back, or legs. You need to prepare your skin adequately so as to minimize the discomforts that come with waxing. Proper preparation will also assist you to achieve the best results from the waxing session. Here are some of the tips that will help you to prepare for your next waxing session at Threading Thousand Oaks.

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  • Check Yourself

It is wise to check your skin before you head for the appointment irrespective of where you will be doing the waxing. Allow any inflammations or broken skin to heal before you undertake the waxing procedure. in case you have beauty marks or moles, allow the esthetician to have a look at them so that he can protect them during the waxing session.

  • Allow the Hair to Grow but Not So Long

You need to allow the hair to grow to a length up to which the wax can grip. The wax cannot pick any hair that is too short and hence it cannot remove it well enough. Such length prevents wax from adhering and this may result into a lot of pain. Allow the hair to grow up to a length of a quarter of an inch or for a period of two to three weeks especially if you will be waxing the bikini hair, underarm, or lags.

  • Light Exfoliation

Exfoliate your skin gently at least one or two days before you do the waxing. However, do not go for harsh brushing on the waxing day. The exfoliation process will help the wax to grab the unwanted hair and not the skin. However, it can end up leaving your skin more sensitive to pain and therefore lighter exfoliation is better. A rough washcloth will give you a gentle exfoliation but you should not scrub too hard.

  • Moisturize

Moisturize way a day to the date of appointment. The wax will release with a lot of ease when dealing with a healthy skin that is well moisturized. Having so much moisture can interfere with the gripping of the wax as it can coat the hair that is targeted for removal. Therefore, avoid moisturizing the skin on the exact day you will be going for waxing.

  • The Bikini Ares

Keep the skin around your Bikini area scrupulously clean whether you will be going for regular waxing, LA waxing, or the Brazilian wax. The waxing treatment can leave your skin vulnerable to various infections and any body areas that are usually damp or warm like the Bikini area can be prone to the development of bacteria.

  • Take a Retin or Break

Some form of medical treatments can sensitize the skin to the waxing process. For example, Retin-A lotions work so incredibly for uneven pigmentation. Acne, fine lines and also leave your skin susceptible to any injuries during the waxing process. You also have to discontinue any retinal-based products at least two weeks before your appointment date. Also, any person who is on Accutane medication should discontinue it one month to the waxing appointment. It is wise to share with your dermatologist before you make changes to your prescribed medication.