Reasons Why Wooden Hangers Are the best for Closet Organization

Women usually to carefully look at each and every dress before deciding what to wear for the day. For this, an open closet that is well organised is needed, and wire hangers can be messy. A certain type of fabric and lacy clothing can get entangled in these wire hangers.

On the other hand, wooden hangers can keep the wardrobe well organised. You no more have to layer the floor with piles of clothing when deciding what to wear. The best thing to do is to have an open closet that allows you to have a quick glance of all your dresses, making it easy for you to choose the right one.

You don’t have to take out every piece of clothing to see if you want to wear it or not. That’s the beauty of an open closet with wooden hangers. Clothes hung in wooden hangers keep it well coordinated.

Wooden hangers are better than any other hangers. Reasons being

  • Plastic hangers might come with notches but they are not durable
  • Plastic hangers cannot carry heavy, embellished clothing
  • Wooden hangers can hold most of the clothing, without messing or ripping them
  • You can add small ball pins or use apparel tapes to secure them onto these hangers
  • Wooden hangers are the most durable and do break easily
  • You can paint wooden hangers and add glue on embellishments to change their look

Custom wood hangers

Some online retailers sell customized black wooden hangers. These wooden hangers come with clip inserts, so that they can hold any kind of clothing. A few also come with a dowel bar which allows you to hang straight fabrics easily. You could also opt for customized hangers to match your needs.

A few hangers are available with the chrome nail notch. The nail is made in chrome material so it won’t pierce through thin fabrics. Right from skirts, pants, trousers, one piece dress, suits, and any other apparel can stay on them without sliding down.

Hangers for body fitted clothes

For tight fitting garments, you do not need hangers with body form. If you want hang your garments in their body shaped, then you can go for customized black wood hangers with metallic frames. They have a metallic waist-drop frame attached to the body of the hanger.

The most common types of hangers are the flat and the notched ones. You will find these wooden hangers in concave, curvy, and flat shape. For garments with shoulder length ranging from 11 inches to 17 inches, these wooden hangers are the best option.

You don’t need a 17 inches broad hanger if most of the garments you wear have 11 to 12 inches shoulder measurement. Thus, have different sizes of hangers depending on your dresses.

Branded hangers sold online

Henry hangers are the best custom made hangers available online. They come with umpteen options that suit the length of all sizes of shoulder and garment types. You can get a custom fabric padded hanger. They have their offices in New York City and Los Angeles. If you want to place and order, fill the contact form provided on their website. Shipping is free if the orders placed are over $250.