Solar Energy – Renewable or Non-Renewable – Here Is the Answer

Solar energy or energy from the sun is one of the cheapest yet very useful forms of energy. In fact, without solar energy there will not be any life on this earth.  There is a common question about this form of energy that is asked by many people. The question is whether this energy is renewable or non-renewable?  In order to get the right answer to this question, one need to understand what is the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy?

Non-renewable energy source is one that comes with limited supply. Most of the traditional energy like coal, oil, petrol, etc. is all non-renewable. This means, once they are used, you can’t reuse it. This form of energy is consumed by you as fast as the nature creates them. Sooner or later, these all non-renewable sources of energy are going to be exhausted. Therefore, you can’t sustain your reliance on this form of energy till eternity.

On the other hand renewable source of energy is one that can be used in infinite amount. Therefore, if you are thinking is solar energy renewable or non-renewable then the answer is that it is renewable in nature. Since, non-renewable energy is finite in amount and sun light is infinite, solar energy is termed as renewable form of energy.

Important point to know

Today, one of the most important sources of energy comes from the sun. Typically, the sun has been providing energy to every living things on this earth, be it plants, animals, human beings, trees, or anything else. Everything on this earth uses sunlight to grow and develop fully. Solar energy is an invention of scientists who have become successful in converting sunlight into energy which is used to light homes, and do many other things.

Is solar energy totally renewable?

When it is said that solar energy is renewable in nature, you may have this question in mind if this form of energy is completely renewable. Well, almost all kinds of renewable energy depend on some kind of non-renewable resources. Even in the case of solar energy, a number of technologies like solar heating, solar photo-voltaic, solar power dish, concentrated solar power etc. are used to convert solar energy to electricity.

Since, all these involve cost and use some kind of equipment. It is difficult to say if solar energy is totally renewable. However, the good news is that scientists say that the amount of non-renewable energy that is used in producing solar power is very less in comparison to the renewable amount of energy it produces. Therefore, solar energy can be quoted as renewable source of energy.


There have been many studies going on in order to say if the sun energy is completely renewable or not. Whether it is renewable totally or not is for later, what is important here is the fact that it is still very useful and renewable in nature? Therefore, you should take initiatives of not polluting this environment and thus be able to use ample solar energy free of cost.