Tech Pack Design for Reducing Clothing Manufacturing Errors and Enhancing Productivity

Tech pack is a common jargon heard in the apparel sector or fashion brands. It is a significant tool used to design and prepare clothing. Technical Package or tech pack is a document, which comprises of every minute detail that is needed to design a specific kind of clothing. It is a blueprint of attire design. Designer finds it easy to discuss it with the clothes manufacturer, so that they tailor the designer’s idea into reality.

Tech pack is a guiding tool, which assists to navigate easily and avert unnecessary errors, which can possibly be costly. Moreover, early identifying errors gives a chance to resolve it soon. Tech pack helps to avoid misinterpretations, omissions, and mistakes that can be damaging for business.

What comprises a tech pack?

Each company has their personal item list but in general you will find –

  • Illustration of the garment to be designed
  • Material details
  • Garment specifications and detailed measurements
  • Worksheet
  • Cost sheet

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Benefits of tech pack in garment production process

Style clarity

A fashion designers’ vision and thoughts need to be defined accurately and lucidly, so as to create best solution. Design confusion gets reduced with tech pack designs and manufacturers get better understanding and clarity of the style you need.

Production cost accuracy

Apparel manufacturer is capable to offer you the precise costing of garment per piece on the basis of tech pack detailing.

Negligible rejection

Clothing manufacture are capable to offer accuracy and quality because they are familiar with the needs. Therefore, rejection rate decreases to nil.

Easy monitoring

Customers can check apparel production in process. Offering samples and obtaining approval becomes very easy.


Manufacture does not need to perform experiments in designing the sample because each detailing is given in the tech pack. Therefore the time taken for sample approval and garment production decreases considerably.

Easy to locate clothing manufacturer

With tech pack prepared, designer can find clothing manufacturer very easily. Generally, customers without tech packs are not given importance by majority of apparel manufacturers.

Acts as a pact

Tech pack is an agreement between clothing manufacturer and apparel designer [buyer].

Win-win position

Each garment designer wishes to improve its production cost as well as manufacturers does not desire to lose their profit share from production. Tech packs gives both the fashion designer and the clothing manufacturer get an idea of their profits from the deal.

BOM preparation is easy

With tech pack BOM or Bill of Material preparation becomes easy for both the brand and garment manufacturer. It helps both to make their production process more efficient.

Better quality control of new clothing line

You don’t wish to take shortcuts and place your fate at stake but want to take steady approach and gradually build your new clothing line

Hire professional tech pack designer, so as to have well-designed tech packs, so as to increase productivity and efficiency.