The Intellectual Property Mistakes Every Startup Should Avoid

The startup is a company, which is started by the naïve members who want to try their hands in business. If you have a startup, it is very important to put your feet very carefully in the field of business. A small mistake might take a toll on your business and revenue.

The main thing, which you need to be aware of is the knowledge about intellectual property. Before choosing or devising any intellectual property, it is very important to do proper research on the intellectual property, its laws and rights.

Major mistakes the startups should avoid

If you have a startup, you should avoid the following mistakes regarding intellectual property.

  • Never ever finalize your intellectual property without doing proper research. Choosing the random brand names is the worst mistake any startup could do. Finding a perfect brand name for your business is difficult, but investing time initially would help you in saving your time and image later in the long run.
  • Delaying the registration of your trademark is another blunder. If you delay in registering your intellectual property, there is a possibility that your intellectual property will be registered by some other organization and then you will have to plan about your trademarks again. So, as soon as you finalize your trademark, the first thing you should do is to register the same.
  • If you hire a strategist to make your company’s intellectual property, make sure that you get the property designed in such a way that you should be able to define and describe your ownership. Therefore, you should have a legal documentation saying that a strategist has developed the intellectual property, but you hold the ownership.
  • One of the important mistakes which startups might commit is failing to protect the secrets of the organization. If you have a product whose manufacturing process is to be kept a secret, keep it a secret. If you let your secret out, there are chances that you ruin your clientele because the competitors would manufacture the product similar to yours.
  • When you have a startup, there are many legal procedures to be followed which you might feel to be cumbersome. In such cases, many people become careless by not reading and understanding the legal documents they go through. If you come across some documents, which you do not understand, take help from the person who deals with the legal matters. However, make sure you do not sign any document without reading.


Intellectual property is a complex thing if you do not know a bit about it. So, do not attempt any random thing without intellectual property lawyers consultation. While finalizing the intellectual property for your startup, make sure that you have full knowledge of the intellectual property concepts. If not, take help at every stage and only then draft the brand of your startup. Taking help from the expert would reduce your workload and you will end up in having a perfect brand of your own company.