Top 10 Best Gifts for Your Parents 2018: The Ultimate List

Your parents worked very hard to give you the best life that they could. They paid bills, sent you to school (and college) and made sure you grew up with morals. Giving a coupon for free hugs was adorable when you were younger but you’re an adult now who earns money, pays bills and has a family of your own. It’s time to step up your gift-giving game.

Yes, it’s hard to gift something to someone who (literally) has everything in life. But fret not, we’ve compiled a list of 10 gift ideas for parents:

Saregama Carvaan – a Bluetooth Music Player:

Nothing tugs the strings of your parents’ hearts quite like nostalgia. Transport them to their childhood days with a portable music player like the Saregama Carvaan that comes with 5000 pre-installed Bollywood songs, ghazals, devotional songs, instrumental music and Hindustani sangeet.

A Sewing Kit:

Mothers love to knit sweaters and scarves for their children and grandchildren. Gift your mother a handy sewing kit to help her finish that vibrant scarf she’s been working on or that sweater she’s dying to make for her grandchild.

A Cooking Class:

Some parents love learning a new skill – be it photography, cooking, baking, painting or even deep sea diving! Help them learn a new skill by enrolling them in a cooking or photography class together. It’s never too late to learn something new.

A Well-Aged Wine or Whisky:

Perhaps your parents enjoy the smooth notes of a well-aged wine or a glass of warm brandy on a chilly night?

A Shaving Kit:

Your father has gone through life using countless blades, shaving creams and brushes. If he’s someone who can’t go a day without a clean shave, gift him a lavish shaving kit filled with creams, after-shave lotions, sleek razors and soft brushes.

A French Press, Tea Maker or Coffee Maker:

There are two kinds of people in this world: Tea lovers and coffee lovers. Whether your parents enjoy a steaming mug of garma garm chai or a piping hot cappuccino, it’s time to help them brew their favorite beverage.

A Digital Photo Frame:

Parents love flicking through photos of their children. While photo albums are nice, it’s now 2018. It’s time to ditch the photo album books for digital photo frames.

Flight Tickets for a Vacation:

Your parents have spent decades working and leading a hectic life. They deserve to kick back, relax and enjoy their post-retirement years in a beach resort. A fully paid vacation is a great way to ensure that they get some much needed rest and pampering.

A Netflix or Amazon Prime Subscription:

If your parents are a little tech savvy, gift them a subscription to a streaming service where they can enjoy their favorite movies anytime, anywhere.

 A Foot Massager:

Speaking of pampering, you can help them rest their tired feet with a soothing foot massager or electric massage chair.

Now the next time you are looking for wedding anniversary gifts for your parents, you’ll have a bunch of cool ideas at your disposal.