Types of hand and arm jewellery

There are innumerable types of jewellery available worldwide to beautify every part of your body. This jewellery is made in various metals like gold, silver, platinum, bronze, nickel etc. Jewellery casted in valuable metals like gold and platinum in combination with precious stones like diamond, ruby, tanzanite etc. is more popular than others. Various pieces are designed astutely by jewellery designers to give each piece a unique, ethnic and extraordinary look. While shopping for jewellery for embellishing yourself from top to toe, you will find wide range everywhere. Here we will talk about types of ornaments that add charm to your hands:

Bangles: Most common and traditional daily wear as well as party wear jewellery to grace your hands are bangles. You can wear a pair in each hand or may by more than that in each hand. Diamond bangles are usually worn individually (one in each hand) to glorify the diamond along with hand. Ladies combine gold bangles with glass bangles to give it perfect traditional Indian look.

Bracelets: Bracelet is another wrist wear that is preferred in single wear. Few may club it with a nice watch on other hand. Bracelets are perfect for girls as well as ladies of all age groups. Wherever you want to go sober and elegant, this is certainly the perfect choice. You will undoubtedly find innumerable diamond bracelet designs on all renowned online shops. If you are looking for kundan bracelet or other precious / semi-precious stone studded bracelets, there is equal number of good options in market for them too.

Rings: Besides diamond kada and bracelets, rings are another popular wear to enhance the appearance of your hands. There are different designs of rings available for casual as well as party wear. Ladies usually prefer simple designs for daily wear whereas if we talk about party rings then there is no end to the design and value accordingly. For the latter you can grab cocktail rings, mother’s rings, championship rings, thumb ring, signet ring, class ring and similar other types of rings. Owning a charismatic engagement ring are everyone’s dream, so if you are out to buy that then choose very carefully out of the wide array available in market. You may also get your ring designed matching with any of diamond bangle designs. If you add a necklace or pendant and earrings too of similar design that will complete your set which will be a cherished asset for ever.

Armlets: While talking of jewellery we cannot miss to mention armlet which is one of the most traditional and very attractive type of ornament. Armlets are also popular in various metals and stones. You can grab gold, silver, platinum armlets explicitly studded with polki, kundan, diamond, ruby, emerald etc. Small to big sized armlets can be bought from market. Needless to mention you can get a customized armlet designed as per your desire with every established jeweller.

Harness Multi-Bracelet (Hathphool)- Primarily adorned by brides, hathphool prettifies your hands immensely. Bag few or all of above mentioned arm and hand ornaments and outshine any occasion this season.