Update your Knowledge on Different Types of Neck Chain

The gold industry has been blooming rapidly. If you look online, you might come across many different designs and styles of gold chains.

A Bit of Research does not Hurt

When you are putting your hard-earned money into purchasing a gold chain necklace, then you might need to put in some time and effort to learn about different styles of neck chains.

This can come in handy, if you plan on creating your own jewellery. Choosing the right neck chain can help you decide on the finishing, the pendant and the clasp.

Finished chains are a good option if you want to perfect your finishing. Unfinished chains can be customized to different lengths for you to create your own designs. Secondly, you can choose different colours for your neck chain.

Understanding the Popular Types of Neck Chains

Some of the common types of chains that you might come across include:

  • Box chain
  • Curb chain
  • Ball or bead chain
  • Anchor chain
  • Rope chain
  • Wheat chain
  • Figaro chain
  • Cable chain
  • Snake chain
  • Singapore chain

Box chains are made up of square links, thus giving them a box like appearance. Curb chains consist of flat, interlocking links and are quite popular amongst men. Small curb chains are also available for women and look great when matched with diamond cut pendants.

Bead gold chain models have round beads strung close or at a distance from one another. These go well with dog tag pendants. Anchor chains consist of small round links, interlocking with a bigger oval link. If you look closely, it resembles an anchor, hence the name.

Rope chains come in a twisted pattern resembling a rope. You can either opt for delicate versions to combine with pendants or the heavier ones that can be worn as a standalone. Wheat chains are designed with four strands of oval links that are manipulated and twisted.

Figaro chains come with flattened links that vary in size. It comprises of two to three shorter links interlinking with a larger link. Cable chain, otherwise known as a link chain is made up of small round or oval links. It is the most common form of necklaces worn both by men and women. Snake chains are made from small interlinked rings that give it a snakeskin shape like texture. Singapore chain are similar to curb chains but are twisted in shape.

Purchasing Chains as per the Neck Length

Different chains suit different necklines. Given below are the common neck lengths and the type of chains that can be designed:

  • 13 – 15 inches are perfect for chokers
  • 16-17 inches are perfect for short necklaces that sit at the base of the neck
  • 17 – 19 inches are perfect for chains that are well placed on the collar bone
  • 20 – 24 inches are perfect for necklaces that fit between the collarbone and end at the bust
  • 28 – 37 inches are perfect for necklaces that end at the elbow
  • Above 37 inches are perfect for rope necklaces


Ensure that you are well versed with the neck length size. This will make it easier when it comes to ordering your neck chain online.