Waxing Vs. Intense Pulse Hair Removal Techniques: Which One Is More Appropriate

The growth of hair on the human body is a very sensitive topic. Each person wants the freedom to choose what to retain and what to eliminate when it comes to body hair. The subject of unwanted hair is more common among ladies than men and this explains why it is important to understand the various hair removal techniques that are available in the market. Did you know that having unwanted hair can lead to a low self-esteem or distress? The good news is that there are several techniques for removing unwanted hair from the body. It does not matter whether you are looking for temporary or permanent solutions. An ideal example of a temporary hair removal method is waxing while Intense Pulse Light is a permanent one.

Intense Pulse Light abbreviated as IPL will promise you a pain-free experience of removing unwanted hair in a very quick manner. The results are long lasting and you can apply it to any section of the body. Most people who use this technique agree that it is a noninvasive and fast method of removing unwanted hair from the body. Most people find it appealing because it is affordable. The Intense Pulse Light procedure entails directly applying Intense light energy to your hair follicles. The light kills the hair follicles and hinders the re-growth of hair. The intense pulses of light directly penetrate the skin and you don’t need to allow the hair to regrow before you conduct this exercise. The IPL procedure is safe as it does not make use of the UV light. Therefore, it does not pose any carcinogenic risk among other adverse effects. Intense Pulse Light releases energies of different wavelength and you can adjust it according to the type of skin you have and the treatment area. This will help you to minimize any form of discomfort or irritation.

On the other hand, waxing is a faster and easier way of removing unwanted hair from the body. This procedure pulls out all the unwanted hair from the roots. However, this process comes with some amount of pain. You need to allow the hair to grow to a certain length before you can wax it out successfully. You cannot compare the discomfort of irritation you get to the great experience you will have after the waxing treatment. Unlike IPL, you can wax larger areas of the body to remove unwanted hair. The process is cheap and you can allow a professional waxing expert to take you through the process. Make sure to check out the reviews like these here for waxing in thousand oaks before you go for the treatment. You can experience a hair-free skin for a period of three to five weeks after receiving the waxing treatment.

You can choose a waxing method depending on whether you need a permanent or temporal solution. You also need to look at your level of tolerance and budget. Both methods can deliver a hair-free lifestyle and IPL works better in areas that are extremely sensitive. However, waxing is ideal for areas that have a large hair surface.