What Is Importance of Jewellery For Indian Women?

Since ancient times, jewellery has been crucial for Indian women. There is wide variety of ornaments worn by Indian women for every body part including nose, hair, toes, ear, arms, ankles and waist etc. This guide will brief you why is jewellery so important for Indian women.

Why Is Jewellery So Significant For Indian Women?

Jewellery plays a crucial role in embracing beauty of women. Moreover, it is a great investment, particularly investment in gold and jewellery pieces. There’s wide variety of gold, diamond, silver and antique jewellery pieces, which are worn by Indian women.

Usually, possession of jewellery pieces symbolizes immense wealth, good status and power in society. However, there are some scientific reasons on why are jewellery pieces important for women. Following section will discuss about types of jewellery pieces worn by women and their importance.

  • Tika

Tika has a chain with a pendant in front connected to it. Moreover, there’s a hook in the tika which is used for holding the tika at hair end. It is believed that centre pat of women’s forehead is a place of chakra. It is believed that tika helps in maintaining and improving women’s physical and mental health. There’s wide variety of tikas available online in latest designs.

You can visit online shopping websites to get an idea of what is in trend. Though tika is available in gold, silver and diamond all three metals, however, nowadays, diamond tikas are trendier. Moreover, they are versatile pieces of jewellery that you can combine with most of the Indian outfits.

  • Earrings

As per a famous legend, it is believed that evil spirits can enter a person’s body through any of the openings such as ears, nose etc. Hence, wearing earrings ensures that a person is saved from evil spirits. Earrings are worn both by men and women.

However, these jewellery pieces are more popular among women. There are various types of earrings available in market and some of these pieces have pearls, diamonds or precious gemstones such as jade, ruby emerald and topaz etc.

Apart from variety in metals, earrings are available in various sizes. Earrings can be oval or round shaped, can be as small and as large as you want to wear. Earrings are usually semi-circular or circular in design and are very similar to rings.

There are various shopping websites selling earrings at good prices. You can decide an earring depending upon your face shape and can buy it at good discounts. However, make sure that the seller from which you are buying earrings is reliable and sells original jewellery pieces. If you are looking for gold earrings, don’t forget to check the hallmark and warranty terms.

  • Ring

Ring is another important ornament worn by Indian women. Rings designs are available in wide range of metals like diamond, gold, platinum, silver, etc. One can shop for rings online at good discounts during wedding season. However, make sure that you don’t forget to check rings price before placing online order.


Hope this guide will brief you about importance of Indian jewellery pieces.