Why Platinum Jewellery Is In Vogue

We have been seeing an increased in demand and number of advertisements for platinum jewellery, in the recent years. People have been singing praises of their platinum jewellery and encourage other people to buy it as well. But, what is it, that makes platinum the optimum metal for jewellery?Why should we buy it, when platinum price is so high? In this article, we will discuss some reasons behind the sudden popularity of platinum.

Lifespan of platinum

Platinum is 95% pure, which makes it thepurest metal to be used for jewellery. It has a shiny surface and increased luster which is why platinum rings with diamond as the centre piece are so popular. The silver shininess compliments the sparkle of the diamond to its fullest. Platinum ages in a different way than any other metal. Because platinum is pure in nature, it would not turn yellow over time. However, it will begin to loose its shiny surface and attain a more rougher and blacker appearance. The original luster of the platinum can be brought back by polishing by a jeweler. This is one of the reasonswhy platinum has a long lifespan than other metals.


Platinum has been described has the hardest metal for jewellery which will make any jewellery made from platinum more durable, such as platinum necklaces and platinum chains. Chains are specifically delicate, so it is imperative that they are made with a strong metal. Platinum is durable because when it is scratched, the metal is not permanently lost as in white gold. It merely moves from its place and create an antique like appearance. Some people prefer the antique appearance of aged platinum. As said above, it can also be restored by polishing.


Nowadays, due to various pollutant factors, many people are allergic to most metals. But platinum is an hypoallergenic metal because it is 95% pure and does not react with skin and liquids. However, other metals like white gold and silver are reactive because they are made from a mixture of other metals such as Nickle, copper, bronze etc. This makes people allergic to them and they are bereft of wearing jewellery becausemost jewelleries are made up of them, nowadays. No doubt, they are more versatile in their uses and are easily malleable but the allergic factor plays highly against them. This makes platinum the primary choice for jewellery to such people.


The above mentioned factors work in favor of platinum and it does shows why platinum is so popular these days. But all these advantages come at a price.Platinum is more expensive than silver and gold.And it isdenser and weighs more than gold or silver, so it would not be easy to wear a heavy platinum ring on daily basis. Needless to say, the pros of platinum exceeds over cons. If you want to get on the bandwagon and buy platinum jewellery, then you must consider the above factors before investing in platinum.